Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pet Misfortunes

The past two weekends have brought to light a number of pet illnesses and injuries.

My grandkitty (age 7) had a heart attack last weekend and was diagnosed with a rare heart ailment. He is home now, and resting as comfortably as he can with several shaved patches on his body...and while taking four different medications.

The technical term for Webster's ailment is Feline Dilated Cardiomyopathy. The linings to the walls of the chambers in his heart are unusually thin and he's prone to accumulating fluid in his lungs and heart.

Friday evening when my husband and I came home, our puppy Charlotte (age 6) had one floppy ear--which has never happened before. The ear seemed filled with fluid and by Saturday morning it was really filled with fluid. Long story short: she'd developed a hematoma--a ruptured blood vessel.

Charlotte suffers from allergies (she has an allergy shot once every four weeks) and dogs who shake their heads a lot tend to suffer from hematomas in their ears. A quick surgery solved her issue and all we have to do is monitor her six stiches and the drain for the next 10 days.

When we were at the vet's, we overheard that another patient, a kitty, fell from a tree and landed on her head instead of her feet. She broke her jaw. We didn't learn what her prognosis is and choose to believe she'll be okay.

My husband and I lost Patience, a wonderful Rottie, a year and a half ago due to a couple of medical conditions.  She was 7 years old.  Did you know that grapes can cause kidney failure in dogs?

Do you have any pet health information to share?