Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Roy and Webster

Roy and Webster are two brothers who never knew each other.

Roy is the new kitty in the house and he's easing his Mommy's broken heart.  You see, his big brother Webster (aka Webbie), passed away last week.  A feline heart disease took him way too early at age 8. 

Roy is not only cute, he's charming as all get out.  He's affectionate, too, which makes his mommy very happy.

Some people can't adopt a new pet right after they lose one, needing time to grieve and make room for a new forever friend.  Other people open their arms right away, finding it easier to make room.

What type of person are you...and why?

RIP, Webbie.  Mommy and Grammy will always remember you.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jar of Hearts

Molly, the kitty we adopted this weekend, is  A VIDEO STAR!  We didn't know that when we adopted her, but sure are happy to know she's famous.

AniMeals, the shelter from which we adopted her, created a video to promote adoptions, and Molly is one of the kitties featured.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meet Miss Molly

My husband and I are hopeless.

One of the local shelters (the one from which adopted our kitty, Grace) announced earlier in the week that they're desperate for kitty food.  So, after breakfast, Stephen and I purchased some cat and kitten food for Animeals and some dog and cat food for the Missoula Animal Shelter.  We went to Animeals first and wound up leaving with Miss Molly.
She's been living at Animeals since Christmas Eve in 2008, when her original owner committed suicide.  Because she was obese (25 pounds at that time) and because she's mostly black, no one has adopted her.  At 15 pounds, she's still a corpulent kitty, but she's so very sweet!

Animeals has dozens of kittens right now, along with dozens of adult kitties--just like every other shelter.  Won't you consider adopting one?