Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wanted: Forever Homes for Pound Puppies

Did you know that black dogs and cats are the last to get adopted?  They are also the most euthanized. 

Here's a picture of the typical pound puppy:

She's black, weighing in at over 55 pounds, part Labrador Retriever or German Shephard, and may have a white spot on her chest.  Regardless of where you live, your local shelter has one, or two, or five dogs who look just like this cutie.  She's currently boarding at the Missoula Animal Shelter and would MUCH rather live with you.

My dog, Delaney, could pass for her birth-brother.  So will my next pound-puppy.

Click here to visit the dogs and cats waiting for forever homes at the Missoula Animal Shelter.

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