Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's YOUR Favorite Animal Shelter?

At the moment, I have two:  AniMeals and Missoula Animal Control, both in--you guessed it--Missoula, Montana.

AniMeals is a no-kill shelter and animal food bank that has more cats than anything else.  We adopted Grace and Molly from AniMeals.  Here are a couple of their kitties, Conrad and Sophia:


Missoula Animal Control has dogs and cats, and we adopted one of each from them:  Charlotte and Max.  Here are some of their critters:


John Henry

Tell us about YOUR favorite animal shelter and show us some of the faces you can't resist.


  1. I don't have a favorite animal shelter, but I am a fan of Petfinders. That's where I found my dog, Kelly!

  2. My daughter is an animal lover and periodically posts pics of animals from that site on her Facebook page. Sadly, my son-in-law believes that two daughters and one dog is enough offspring in their house! (Maybe it's because he's the only male in the household?)