Wednesday, March 9, 2011

From lambs to saddle blankets and rugs ... River Run Weaving

Pepper's twins, born Feb 2011
These little guys are the twins Pepper gave birth to last month. Pepper is just one of the flock of sheep owned by Sharon and Will Hamilton of River Run Weaving in Huson, MT.
Pepper (as a baby) and Sugar
The Hamiltons raise their sheep, shear the wool, and then Sharon sets to work spinning the wool, dyeing it, and creating the most marvelous handwoven items, including rugs and saddle blankets.

In addition to raising sheep and chickens on their 10-acre spread, River Run Weaving is also the home of Magic and Bowtie, the two guard-llamas who keep the flocks safe from coyotes and other wildlife in rural western Montana. I, personally, own a handknitted scarf Sharon designed and made from the wool of Magic, the dark brown llama shown below.

Bowtie & Magic

Here is a list of the types of items you can find at River Run Weaving: Rugs, Saddle blankets, tapestries, socks, bags and purses, and custom items.

For more information, photos, or ordering information, visit River Run Weaving online:


  1. I love lambs in the springtime! My mom kept sheep in Vermont, and those darn ewes had their babies in the winter. brrrrr.

  2. Especially when there's several feet of snow - which there was in Montana last month!