Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Vinny! Love, Mom

 Today is Vinny's birthday and his mom, Danielle,  wants everyone to know how terrific he is.

Vinny is a 6 year old fawn Italian Greyhound (IG). He loves to be chanced by other dogs and young children. He loves to play with stuffed animals, dance, boss around his brother, and cuddle under a blanket. Vinny is very curious and smart. He knows how to ring a small bell (dangling at the door) to let us know he needs to go out. Like a typical IG, his eyes speak to me! After 6 years, that face still steals my heart. Vinny is full of personality just like his brother from another mother, Frank.

Vinny's brother, Frank
Frank is a 5 year old seal IG. Frank was a spunky puppy, but Alpha Vinny trained him....literally. Frank listens to Vinny's commands. If only I knew what he was saying so I could use the magic! Frank is large for an IG, weighing in at 26lbs. I think his large size has made his heart larger too. Frank LOVES kisses on his forehead and giving hugs. Yes, he wraps his arms around your neck for a big hug when you arrive at home or he thinks he hasn't seen you in a while. A bundle of love!

Many visitors to my house say how luck my dogs are to have parents that "spoil" them (allowed on the furniture, sleep in our bed, heck we bought a house away from family because it was best for the dogs!). I think they are mistaken, because we are lucky to have such wonderful dogs in our lives. No matter how bad the day or the situation these two knuckle heads can put a smile on our faces with their big eyes and personality. We are the ones being spoiled.

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