Saturday, January 9, 2010

Adventures of Madeline - Naja

Naja, around 13 years old and pictured at left - and also in the lower left of the picture below with her buddies Buster and Tempe, was picked up by Madeline at a Seve Eleven in North Bend, WA.  Naja was begging for hot dogs. The Seven Eleven owner was going to send her to shelter in the morning--it was raining, dark, and cold.  Madeline couldn't have that...

Along with her buddy, Buster, Naja causes mischief in Madeline's first novel, Uncle Si's Secret.  To visit Madeline's website or to read an excerpt from Uncle Si's Secret, click here

Maybe the book will solve the mystery about whether Naja ever got her hot dogs...

(P.S.  Do you notice that two of Madeline's pound-puppies are black?  See?  Visual proof of what I've been saying about black dogs being unwanted.  I don't get it.  I think they're adorable. Not that Tempe isn't...)

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  1. Naja is getting to be an "old girl," but Buster and Tempe (the youngest) are keeping her active. She has some arthritis, but that doesn't keep her from getting around and still reigning as "The Queen!"

    Thanks so much, Linda, for spotlighting my pups.
    They are much loved (and spoiled!)