Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why I Love Tomcats

This is Max.  We should have renamed him Gumby when we adopted him from the animal shelter.

Like most neutered tomcats, he's got the sweetest disposition.  With people.  And dogs.  And now, with Grace, the newest member of the family.

After a few weeks, he tried the Alpha routine on her.  You know, chasing her around and jumping on top of her because he could:  he's three times her size, 15 pounds to her 5 pounds.

Well, Stephen and I put a stop to that.  Yes, you can make your kitties listen.  All you need is a squirt bottle.  In fact, Max hates the squirt bottle so much, that all we have to do is point a finger at him (he thinks it's a distant cousin to the nozzle on the squirt bottle) and he hightails it the other way.

Grace is eternally grateful for the squirt bottle.  Now she doesn't have to get in those tussles that mess up her lovely, long locks.  And Max hangs out with her just as nicely as he does with his human and canine family members.  Oh, domestic bliss!

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