Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heroes: Dave and Bonnie

Dave and Bonnie noticed this screen saver on the office computer when they visited a business associate last Friday:

They asked their associate about her cats and she explained  they were both adopted from two different local shelters.  She also shared that black cats and dogs are the last to be adopted from shelters - and the first to be euthanized.  Dave and Bonnie were shocked:  they've always had black cats.  (And the occasional gray.)  They said they really should adopt another cat, since they'd lost theirs some time ago.  They left the office shaking their heads, unable to figure out why black cats and dogs were so unpopular.

Remember, this was Friday.  Guess what Dave and Bonnie did in Saturday?

Yup, you guessed it.  (The fact that they're heroes gave it away, eh?)

After searching websites for the local animal shelters, Dave and Bonnie picked out not one black cat, but TWO BLACK CATS at the local Humane Society.

Tilly is a mature girl - and she'd been at the shelter longer than any ther cat!  Wyoming is a little younger but, because she's black, hadn't been getting much attention when prospective heroes visited her.  Dave told me that one of the cats (I think it was Tilly, but I'm not sure) went right over to his wife when Bonnie entered her "room" and just loved the pets and hugs - something she hadn't always welcomed from other people. about that?  Let's give Dave and Bonnie a big round of applause!

(PS.  Let's also hope they send us some pictures - I visited the Humane Society website and their girls' pictures are already gone.  Which is excellent - because they freed up space for two more kitties.)

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