Sunday, November 29, 2009

Do Cats and Dogs Get Along?

From the time we began watching Tom and Jerry on TV, we believed cats and dogs were enemies.  Sometimes, that's the case.  Other times, it's not.

Dusty, who passed away earlier this year at age 14, loved to torment Delaney, a lab/pointer mix with a very sweet temperament.  When I brought Delaney home at age 8 weeks, he weighed 10 pounds, half of what Dusty weighed.  "The Boys," as I called them, used to wrestle and play and, once Delaney got bigger than Dusty, he never got too rough.  Dusty, on the other hand, being a typical cat, could be real nasty.  Probably because of the "little guy" syndrome.  He'd ambush Delaney from time to time, nipping Delaney's legs and running.  But, with a lab's disposition, Delaney simply tolerated Mr. Kitty's hijinx.

Fate got its revenge on Dusty in the form of Charlotte.  Charlotte is our German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix and she LOVES kitties.  Same scoop with her when we brought her home from the animal shelter:  10 pounds versus Dusty's 20 pounds.  She wasn't as intimidated by Dusty as Delaney was and, as she got older, enjoyed walking up to Dusty and giving him a big kiss.  He, of course, really hated all the gloppy, dog drool and would immediately bathe himself after each display of affection.

Charlotte gives kisses to Grace, who still hasn't gotten used to all the noisy affection.  We're working on that.

More later...

Do you have any cat/dog stories to share?  We'd love to hear them.

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