Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grace and Two Buddies from AniMeals

Here's a picture of our new kitty, Grace, along with two of her former roommates.  We adopted her from AniMeals yesterday.  For those of you who received the New Baby e-mail from me, you'll be happy to know she's decided to quit hiding in the basement.  Instead, she's lying under a table in the living room.

She gets along fine with Max, our black male cat, and pretty much ignores Delaney, the black lab mix.  She does NOT like Charlotte, however, which seems to be a common occurrence among animals and people alike.  [Sigh]  Charlotte (who is pictured below) is a sweet but VERY exuberant German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix.  Grace goes into growl mode whenever Charlotte gets near.  (At least she's stopped running and Charlotte has stopped chasing!)

So, our numbers have evened out:  two humans, two dogs, and two cats.  The critters are evenly divided male/female (as are the humans) and by color:  two black and two marmalade.  Say a prayer that Charlotte backs off and allows Grace some room to settle in.  More later...

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  1. SweetHEARTS, all of them. Thanks for drawing our attention to these dear animals and the ability to adopt them.