Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TUCKER: Edith Azzopardi's most recently adopted pet

I've known Edie Azzopardi my entire life.  She's surrounded herself with animals since childhood, when her orange tabby, Morris, permitted her to dress him up in doll's clothing and parade him around the neighborhood in her doll carriage.  She and her family have adopted dogs, cats, and--if memory serves me correctly--things like guinea pigs and reptiles.  Oh, and Puff, the ring-necked turtle dove.  Edie's husband, Ed, brought Puff home on his shoulder one day from Rockaway Beach.  Puff lived for years and years, at least 20, I'm thinking.  (Edie, correct me if my memory is wrong.)  Thanks to the Azzopardi family for rescuing Tucker and all their other animals, including Patches, the dog. 

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