Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome to - Forever Friends

I have always loved animals and, looking back on all the pets who've shared my home, the most loving and memorable are those I rescued either from either homelessness or illness.  Not that pedigreed animals purchased from breeders aren't wonderful and loving--but most of them are promised loving homes.  The throwaway ones, the ones who follow me around like a shadow (pound-puppy Charlotte), or who climb into my lap each evening for a snuggle (rescued Rottie Tyson), or who obey my every command (pound-puppy Delaney) have special places in my heart because they weren't really throw-aways and they're infinitely grateful that I had the insight to recognize their wonderfulness when other people could not.

So many animals are tossed away - especially kitties - because of issues stemming from the people who own them rather than from their own personalities or innate qualities.

This blog is dedicated to the following:
  • The animals, themselves
  • The heroes who save them
  • Tips and advice from professionals and experienced pet owners
  • Pleas for help from those struggling with pet challenges
  • Our FFs (the forever friends who live with us now)
  • Our BFFs (the forever friends who will always live in our memories)

We welcome your contributions to this blog and hope you'll help us spread the word about all the animals--especially dogs and cats--who need their own FFs and forever homes.  Visit the WOOF!  WOOF! section on the right sidebar to learn about how to make your contribution to the blog.

(My BFFs - Top left:  our pound-puppy, the late Tyson; adopted from an animal control shelter in Rhode Island after a teenager abandoned the 1 1/2 year old guy in an apartment.  Middle right:  the late Patience - not a pound puppy, but a girl with several medical issues.  Bottom left:  the late Dusty, adopted from a shelter in Massachusetts at 4 weeks old.)