Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update from Grace

Let me tell you, my new forever home is crazy!

First of all, there's that stupid dog, Charlotte.  She's got this long, black nose that she's always poking under the couch where I sleep.  All she wants to do is kiss me--yuck!  I liked it better when she chased me.  (Mom took this picture with her cell phone when I was on the run--it's blurry because I was moving so fast!)

Then there's this big white thing in one of the rooms.  Dad calls it a Sammy-bird.  It talks, talks, talks, all the time.  It does say, "Hi, Mom," which my new mom really likes, so maybe I shouldn't be so worried.

The black dog, Delaney, pretty much leaves me alone, so he's cool.  And the black cat, Max, is okay too.  Sometimes he chases me, and I think he's playing, but sometimes it's scary cuz he's so much bigger than me.  My new dad got on the scale with me on Sunday and told my mom that I weigh 4 pounds; they said Max weighs 14 pounds.  Last night, when I was snuggled in bed between them (isn't that the best spot in the house?), my mom said I'm a chow-hound and I probably gained some weight.

I gave them a big surprise this morning.  Instead of sleeping under the couch in the living room last night, I slept under their bed!  It shocked the heck out of Charlotte, too, when she stuck her nose under the bedspread and I bopped her on the nose.  (Then again, maybe it was my growl that scared her.  She always backs off when I grow1.)

All in all, things are pretty good.  Can't wait for Mom to come home so I can sit with her on the couch.

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