Sunday, November 22, 2009

Laurie's cat, Webster

Webster is one of those special critters who needs a Mommy with a really big heart – and he found it with Laurie. His Daddy adopted him at 4 weeks old, and after 5 years together could no longer care for him. He spent quite a long time searching for the right home for Webster. Because “Webby” is shy and prefers not to be around other animals and lots of people, his Daddy knew that his forever home had to meet certain criteria. Extra special kudos to Webster’s old Daddy and his new Mommy, and to everyone else who adopts a hard-to-place animal or one with special needs.

Because of all the love and attention lavished on him by both families (and all the time and patience given when needed), Webster handled his second cross-country move with barely a hiccup. He’s also making new people-friends much faster than he used to.

P.S. Webby is my grandkitty and I’m proud to have him as a member of the family.