Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sandy, Bridget's dog

Sandy is a very lovable dog.  She is a Husky/Lab mix that can become slightly overexcited at some points but I couldn't live without her all the same. She was eight months old when we adopted her on St. Patrick's Day, three days after my birthday.  She is incredibly good with children, no matter what they do. She has never bitten anything but bugs and a mouse (which I think is incredibly helpful).   I love Sandy and, again, could not live without her. I hope everyone else loves their pets as much as I love Sandy.

[Note from Blog Hostess: This article was written and submitted by Bridget, a 10 year-old who lives in Rhode Island. I made two spelling corrections and rephrased one sentence for clarity; otherwise, her note appears exactly as she submitted it.]

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